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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Professional College of Arts and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the "College") will abide by the Personal Information Protection Law and other code of conducts. Based on the following basic policy, the College will collect personal information obtained by using the services (providing information, requesting for documents, etc.) of the official College Website (http://www.u-hyogo.ac.jp/) only to the extent necessary. In line with the following policy, the College will handle collected personal information in a fair manner. This policy applies only to this website.

Acquisition of Personal Information

1. The College will acquire information that can be used to identify the specific individual (name, postal address, telephone number, etc.) through inquiries, etc.

2. In receiving inquiries by e-mail, the e-mail address of the sender will be displayed on the recipient's side.

Use of Personal Information

1. Personal information collected by the College is used for responding to inquiries, etc.

Management of Personal Information

1. The College will manage the personal information collected by this website properly. Furthermore, the College will protect the personal information of the users and take appropriate and rational safety measures to prevent leakage to outside parties, loss and destruction of information, falsification, and unauthorized access to this information.

2. The College will appoint a personal information protection administrator in charge of managing and handling personal information and take necessary measures for ensuring appropriate management of collected personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

1. With regard to personal information collected by the College, the College will never share the personal information with a third party except when outsourcing activities pertaining to personal information to a third party to achieve the objectives set out in collecting personal information.

2. When providing personal information shared with the College to a third party, the College will take reasonable measures including making an agreement to protest such information from being leaked and distributed again by a third party.

3. The College may disclose personal information to an outside party in cases where personal information is requested to be disclosed based on the law, as well as situations the College regards as an emergency.

Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

1. If an individual requests the correction or cessation of use of his/her personal information, the College will correct or delete his/her data.

Access Log

1. The College uses the access log (web page and time consulted by the users, information such as keywords used in search engines) to administer the website and analyze the access status. The College never uses the access log for the purpose of collecting information to identify an individual.

Links to External Sites

1. The College will never share the personal information with third party websites linked from the College's website. With regard to the collection of personal information on third party websites linked from the College's website, the College will not assume any liability or obligation. Please be aware of the terms and conditions etc. of each website you visit.

Other Matters to be Noted

1. The College will strive to review and improve the privacy policy of this website, as deemed appropriate, as well as adhere to various Japanese laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information and other codes of conduct.

For Inquiry

• E-mail address: cat-hyogo@ofc.u-hyogo.ac.jp